So… here goes!!!! For the last YEAR, I’ve been secretly and passionately working on this, and I can finally reveal that I’ve teamed up with LASplash Cosmetics for my FIRST EVER LIPSTICK collection!! The 6 colours were lovingly created for you guys, especially to inspire and empower women (and men!!) to be themselves

Shop the collection here:

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There’s loads of secret “Christmas surprises” with the box and the scents – I can reveal I honestly spent a good 2 months deciding which cake flavours would be the yummiest! You know how much I love cake!!! And I truly wanted to create shades that we’ve all been desperate for, but never quite found!! I hope you adore them (each piece feels like a work of art from my heart ) and I hope that when you step outside that door in your favourite shade, you know that the key to taking on the WORLD starts at body confidence. Together, we can move mountains! I LOVE YOU!!

Thank you each and every one of you for always supporting me. This is for you. For everything. Just thank you…!!!! Dhanyavaad. Main tumase pyaar karata hoon

Link to BUY online INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY now!!! (Delivery is FREE if you get the set!) :


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