Burlesque Shows


Unicorn Burlesque Show

An epic modern twist on a burlesque classic. Guaranteed you’ve never seen burlesque like this before! Sukki performs the most unique and quirky Burlesque Act ever to hit Hollywood. Mounted in a floral and crystal gown atop of a Giant 10ft high Unicorn which blows bubbles out of it’s mouth, Sukki charms her way through a pom pom embellished set with the help of her two topless buff boys. The avant-garde routine sees her finish by swinging from a 11ft high light up Giant Rainbow. If you thought you’d seen a burlesque act, think again. This set will blow your mind.

Hello Hollywood

The ultimate Hollywood era burlesque act, featuring the sultry vocals of Burlesque Artist Sukki. Sukki performs on top or alongside a grand piano accompanied by her stunning backing dancers as she sings her way through a ravishing routine featuring a costume hand-embellished with over 20 thousand glittering Swarovski crystals. This act shines on both huge concert stages and equally smaller exclusive private parties. It is the ultimate show-stopping unique performance, oozing showbiz, glamour and class. It can be performed with or without a full striptease. Performed to a bold bump-and-grind track composed by infamous Los Angeles Composer and Producer, Dailey Pike.

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Brace yourself for a showcase of Burlesque glamour like nothing else. Performing in an original legends of Burlesque gown with an out of this world 20-thousand Swarovski crystalled 17.5 inch corset, Sukki delivers the most opulent performance of all time inside the world’s largest Giant Diamond Ring filled with champagne. Her ultimate signature routine.

The China Darling Showgirl

A dazzling nod to one of the pioneers of Burlesque, Chinese legend Barbara Yung, Sukki performs a dramatic and emotional tribute, as blessed by Barbara Yung herself. Showcasing an outstandingly artistic routine and jaw-droppingly beautiful sparkling gold and emerald costume, Sukki glides across the stage to the remix of an intricate symphony. (Can be performed without striptease).

Sparkle For Singapore

Out of a dreamy mist of smoke enters a new breed of star… in a crystal-encrusted shimmering gown, with glistening Indian chains running through her hair, and an extravagant antique-laced sari wrapped around her corseted waist, Sukki performs a ravishing tease, seducing and exciting the audience into red-hot rapturous applause.

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