NEWS! David Foster introduces Sukki Singapora to Los Angeles

So excited to share that David Foster has taken me under his wing in introducing me to Los Angeles and helping me develop my Art.

Sukki and David Foster

Sukki and David Foster

David Foster you not only happen to be the most mind-bogglingly talented humans on the planet, but you’re the kindest, most generous, most thoughtful person I’ve ever met. You light up a room and make others feel ignited alongside you. Thank you for believing in me, my Art, and for guiding me through my journey so far – I look forward to the moment I can turn to you and say: ‘thanks for seeing The Power of my Dream!’ You’re the absolute best x x x

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Sukki invited to Instagram HQ in San Francisco

Guess where I am! ……Yep, I’ve arrived at the mothership of Instagram !! Hello Instagram HQ! Proud to say that Instagram has helped not only connect me with wonderful new friends and fans, it has also been an incredible way to share my story and to continue to raise awareness of women’s rights, the power of burlesque, and our combined right to have the freedom to express ourselves and our sexuality or sensuality.

Sukki Singapora Instagram San Francisco

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Catching up with Peter Mensah and Sarah Ramos

So I’ve reached the US for drinks and giggles with Mathew, Peter Mensah and Sarah Ramos – so lovely to catch you in LA, and to be reunited with you Peter after our memorable lift trap!! Congrats on Midnight Texas.

Sukki Singapora with Peter Mensah and Sarah Ramos

United Nations Women Impact Awards

So, some of you might be wondering: how did my nomination for the #HeForShe Influencer Award go last night at the United Nations Women Impact Awards. Unfortunately I did not win, but I wanted to take two moments to congratulate all my fellow nominees and winner, to you, literally hundreds of you – friends and family! – who voted for me, I am humbled that so many have been a part of, been influenced by, or been touched by my journey .

But as well as that, I wanted to say that despite the Awards being over, my journey is not over. I will continue to fight for freedom of expression, for #HeForShe, for women’s rights, and for Burlesque to be taken seriously as a hugely important tool in the rhetoric for gender equality. Because it is so much more than it’s misconceptions, and deserves a voice as loud as the corporate campaigns. Its power to bring a little fun into what can sometimes be an extremely distressing and at times depressing dialogue, as well as act as a tool to build confidence and speak to a younger audience of women – like myself – who face gender stereotypes, is not to be overlooked. I hope perhaps that by you guys supporting me to be nominated, we will have at least made that voice go a little less unnoticed .

Thank you.

 United Nations Women HeForShe Sukki Singapora

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Wonderful to chat to Betsy and Michael Zink at the United Nations Women Singapore Impact Awards. Betsy, your story moved everyone in the house. Thank you x .

United Nations HeForShe Sukki Singapora burlesque

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